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RV Spring Cleaning Part 1: 8 Tips for Cleaning Your RV Exterior

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Spring has sprung and now is the perfect time to get started on spring cleaning your RV. After all, you’ll want it to sparkle and shine on your next road trip. However, cleaning your home on wheels can seem overwhelming. There’s not only the interior to worry about, either. Have you ever washed and waxed a motorhome before? You have to keep the paint job, aluminum and decals in mind when you do. That’s one of the big differences between spring cleaning a house and an RV.

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Eco-Friendly RVs Can Be Budget-Friendly Too

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Historically speaking, RVing has never been an eco-friendly activity, but younger (and greener) RVers are changing the game. Already, up to 20% of RVs are powered by solar panels and organic RV products are selling well among this demographic. For RV owners, this shift to more environmentally safe products is not just about avoiding leaving a carbon footprint. Often, biodegradable products are gentler on an RV’s delicate plumbing system. If that’s true, imagine the efficiency of completely eco-friendly RVs.Read More »Eco-Friendly RVs Can Be Budget-Friendly Too

Is Buying an RV a Good Investment?

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Most of us are aware that over the last couple of years several thousand RVs have been bought and sold, mainly due to a boosted economy. Surprisingly, many of these RVs are being bought by a new and unforeseen demographic: millennials. If this is true, you might be wondering if buying a motorhome, camper van or trailer is just an impulse buy or an actual investment. It’s hard to determine if an RV can really bring in healthy returns when the time comes to trade it in or sell it. And if you’re thinking about purchasing an RV for business or just as a second home, there are a few things to consider first.Read More »Is Buying an RV a Good Investment?