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Is Buying an RV a Good Investment?

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Most of us are aware that over the last couple of years several thousand RVs have been bought and sold, mainly due to a boosted economy. Surprisingly, many of these RVs are being bought by a new and unforeseen demographic: millennials. If this is true, you might be wondering if buying a motorhome, camper van or trailer is just an impulse buy or an actual investment. It’s hard to determine if an RV can really bring in healthy returns when the time comes to trade it in or sell it. And if you’re thinking about purchasing an RV for business or just as a second home, there are a few things to consider first.Read More »Is Buying an RV a Good Investment?

The Essential RV Checklist You’ll Want to Check Twice

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An RV checklist is a simple way to ensure you have a successful road trip. In fact, a list is crucial if you want to be prepared for the unknown and uncontrollable. Leaving everything to memory can lead to disaster, whether you’re an RV veteran or a newbie. Plus, you don’t want to have to make any unnecessary stops to pick up forgotten items that you left at home. Therefore, it’s always best to have an RV checklist with everything you know you’ll need (and some extras, too). It doesn’t hurt to double and triple check it, either. If you’re unsure where to start, or if you don’t want to create your own RV checklist from scratch, feel free to use ours below.Read More »The Essential RV Checklist You’ll Want to Check Twice