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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Used RV

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Buying an RV is a very exciting part of millions of Americans’ lives. There are also millions who buy their vehicles used. Anytime is a good time to purchase an RV when you’re ready, but many people tend to do it in the fall or early winter. During the fall and winter months, many retirees and other snowbirds are heading towards warmer climates, while those who just finished their last RV adventure of the season are looking to sell their vehicles.

There are many reasons owners decide not to keep their motorhome or trailer. The main reason an RV owner sells their rig is usually to buy a new or newer one with all the newest technology and safety features. Sometimes, they sell a relatively new one because they realize it’s too small or too big for their needs. Of course, sometimes, less-than-honest owners try to pawn off a problematic vehicle onto unsuspecting newbies who didn’t do their homework.  If you do it right, however, buying a used RV can save you thousands of dollars and still give you the dream RV you were looking for. On average, a vehicle that is about three years old is nearly half the price of a brand new one off the lot. Now, that’s a huge savings! Before you buy, ask yourself the following ten questions to make sure you’re making a sound decision.

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Buying a 2017 RV? These Are What’s Trending

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If you are an RV owner you probably already know that the RVing trend is rapidly growing with millions of Americans getting on the road in new RVs. RV shows this year are showing tremendous profit, which means that people are buying RVs rather than renting them. RVing is spreading across ethnicities and age groups. Many women are traveling solo or in all-female groups. Younger people are getting in on the trend too. As usual, retired snowbirds are still enjoying their RV lifestyle.

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6 Things You Should Consider When Buying an RV

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There are many kinds of RVs out there and each one is special in its own way. Only you know what you need and can afford. While many RVers start off small and build up to a large motor home after ditching their tents, some people choose to go for the gold right away because they spend so much time camping or are retiring soon. The following 6 things you should consider when buying an RV will help making a decision a little easier.Read More »6 Things You Should Consider When Buying an RV