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RVs Made for Winter: The Cold Is No Problem

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It’s that time of year again when you get the itch to go snowboarding, ice fishing, sledding, skiing–basically anything that lets you bundle up and head out into the snow. Winter road trip anyone? First things first, make sure you have an RV that can handle the harsh, cold weather. Finding the best winter RV can be difficult and it’s important to make sure it comes with an arctic package.

Arctic packages include winterizing features like dual thermal pane windows, added roof and floor insulation, pre-installed heating pads for water and sometimes even sewage tanks. Arctic packages are important mainly because they help your RV withstand freezing temperatures and avoid weather-related pitfalls. These pitfalls can be expensive headaches like frozen or bursting water pipes. Also, some arctic packages feature different temperature guarantees. Therefore, the potential temperatures of your winter road trip destinations should be considered when renting or purchasing a winter RV.

For those of you who are good with your hands, you can make your RV arctic package friendly on your own. However, make sure you know what you’re doing and that you’re not wasting lots of money. For all you winter campers and RVers who want to buy your vehicle all set up, we’ve come up with a few of the top RV brands for you to consider when choosing an RV with a great arctic package.

1. Ice Castle Fish Houses

This company started out by making portable ice fishing houses—that means they know cold weather. Now, Ice Castle Fish Houses makes a variety of RVs that can be used for more than just ice fishing. They make travel trailers and fifth wheels made for RV camping and full-time RV living. They also offer many RV size options that can all be converted into toy haulers with compartments for ATVs, motorcycles and snow gear. Their main winterized features include Thermopane windows, fiberglass insulation in the walls and ceiling, and stone guard all around. Do you plan on traveling to truly wintry places like Minnesota, Montana or Canada? Then, Ice Castle Fish Houses is definitely an RV company to look into for a great winter RV.

2. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River offers the Arctic Wolf fifth wheel line with two winter packages available to choose from. The Arctic Package is the first option and its main additions include upper bunk windows, solar wiring and friction hinge entry doors. The Extreme Weather Package is the second option made for even colder temperatures. It includes the main additions of upgraded arctic insulation, insulated upper decking, and an enclosed and heated underbelly. This line is great to consider for its wide range of options. It all just depends on how cold your winter destinations really are. The only thing to think about with this brand is that it sells heavier RVs. This may make it challenging for some beginner RV drivers, especially in harsh, snowy weather.

3. Heartland LM Arlington

winter RVFor a more luxurious feel, you can check out Heartland, an RV brand known for providing high comfort and quality. For winter RV camping and living, Heartland offers their LM Arlington model with an optional Yeti Extreme Cold Package. This is one of the most popular arctic packages out there, so make sure to include it. It includes a heated and insulated underbelly, insulated flooring, dual pane windows and electric holding tank heating pads. You’ll also get an insulated water line that has a sensor to automatically prevent frozen water pipes. While the package will cost you a little extra, it’s worth it if you enjoy winter road trips in below freezing temperatures.

4. Northwood Arctic Fox

Another highly rated four-season RV brand is Northwood, which offers their Arctic Fox line for winter campers. Their travel trailers and fifth wheels are built by professionals who have lived through cold weather firsthand. The RVs are structurally designed to withstand all four seasons. They include thermal insulation in the walls and ceiling, protected water lines and holding tanks, and reflective foil insulation on the roof and slide-out. The Arctic Fox line has four floor plans to choose from. Each one include features like fan vents in the bedroom, a digital thermostat, 15-inch aluminum wheels with shocks and four-season foam insulation throughout. Northwood will provide you with the perfect combination of luxury and weather-proof features in your winter RV.

Winter RV Insurance

No matter what brand or RV you choose, it’s important to consider where and when you’ll be using it every year. It makes the most sense to invest in an RV package that covers all four seasons, just to be safe. It also helps you avoid paying any expensive weather-related damages in the future. Also, check with your insurance provider to make sure your RV is covered for all types of weather, too. Speak with an Insurance Specialist at (866) 501-7335 to see what your RV Insurance covers. You should also ask them about seasonal RV Insurance if you only RV part-time and store your RV for more than 30 days a year.

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