Maintaining Your New or Used RV

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You’ve made the investment. You’ve signed on the dotted line. The RV is yours. You are an RV owner. Not only have you made a monetary investment, but you’ve just made an investment of time because RV maintenance is something that needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to keep your RV in good shape and functioning properly. You’ll need to conduct preventive maintenance (checking for wear and tear, etc.), scheduled maintenance (oil changes and more) and emergency maintenance (repairs, etc.) Performing all the necessary maintenance will ensure that heading out on the open road in your RV is always a pleasant experience.

Preventive RV Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the most thankless forms of maintenance. It’s performing upkeep before anything is wrong. It seems a bit unnecessary until you ignore the need for it and realize just how many things preventive maintenance actually prevents! You’ll need to check your fluids, check for leaks, check your tires for unusual wear and tire pressure, and simply keep your vehicle orderly and clean. In hot climates particularly you’ll want to frequently look at hoses and belts to make sure the heat hasn’t resulted in any cracks. If performing these simple duties enables you to avoid one tire blow out or one fire caused by a gas leak…it’s worth it.
Now…your RV isn’t just a regular car. It’s a home on wheels. So you need to perform preventive RV maintenance on the interior as well. Make sure you check the appliances. Regularly look into the plumbing and electrical systems to make sure everything is functioning smoothly. It could very well avoid big dollar repairs down the road.

Scheduled RV Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is a different animal altogether. You’ll find that most manufacturers provide a guideline or list of suggested scheduled maintenance for their vehicles in order for it perform at top levels and to avoid voiding the warranty. Scheduled maintenance includes: oil changes, air filter changes, fuel filter changes, transmission checks, tune-ups, tire alignment, tire rotation, etc.

RV Maintenance - RV in canyonEmergency RV Maintenance

Emergency maintenance is just that. It’s maintenance that is performed out of immediate necessity or emergency. This could be in regards to a blowout or a broken belt, etc. Regardless of how carefully regulated you are in performing your preventive and scheduled maintenance on your vehicle eventually you’ll need to perform maintenance out of dire need. It’s the nature of the beast. No machine runs perfectly all the time. There are bound to be mishaps on the road. Make sure that any emergency maintenance is performed by a professional. If someone attempts to perform repairs without the proper knowledge further problems could result and your vehicle’s situation could worsen.

Part-time or Seasonal RV Users

Many RVers are part-time or seasonal. If this is the case don’t let “storage periods” disturb your maintenance schedule. Run through a checklist of items that should be checked before storing and then run through a similar list when it’s time to pull it out of storage. Maintenance needs still occur when vehicles are in storage.

But whether you’re a part-timer or a full timer…you’ll enjoy your RV more if you keep the maintenance in hand. And you’ll save a lot of money by keeping it running smoothly. Emergency maintenance costs are drastically lowered by actually fulfilling the scheduled maintenance on time and by doing your part with preventive maintenance.


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