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7 RV Security Systems and Devices to Protect Your Rig

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RV security device of a wheel clamp

When exploring in your RV, it’s easy to forget about life’s inconveniences. Whether it’s the daily grind, the hustle and bustle of city life, or other aspects of life, RVing allows us to escape the day-to-day while out in nature. However, this carefree attitude could sometimes cause RVers to forget crucial security measures. Although the RV community is very tight-knit, forgoing basic security measures can open the door (quite literally) to potential theft or vandalism. Although it’s the last thing you want to consider when exploring, investing in some RV security systems and devices can give you greater peace of mind when adventuring. Here are a few RV security devices we recommend for all RVers. 

1) RV Wheel Clamps 

RV wheel locks, which are great RV security devices

Starting our list of the best RV security devices to have with you are wheel locks. RV wheel locks are like the type of boots police departments utilize, but they are much smaller and easier to carry around. Although they are a bit smaller than official wheel clamps, these are still among the best security devices for your RV as they immobilize your rig and are a quick visual deterrent for potential thieves. 

Wheel clamps traditionally come in bright yellow, which makes it evident to anyone that your RV is adequately secured. Even if someone tries to take your RV with a wheel clamp on, they won’t go very far, as the clamps will prevent movement. You will have to get down to secure the clamp in place properly, but if you’re serious about RV theft protection, these are a great tool to have. 

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2) Hitch Locks

If you pull a trailer and leave it behind as you explore your destination in your RV or vehicle, you’ll want to have a sturdy hitch lock. Hitch locks prevent potential thieves from towing your trailer when it is not in use or attached to your rig. Additionally, some models can lock to your trailer even when connected, ensuring no one can remove your trailer and drive off. 

Like wheel clamps, hitch locks are excellent RV security devices that are visible deterrents. Most thieves prefer easy targets, so having a visible deterrent can quickly cause a potential thief to forgo attempting to tamper with your RV. 

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3)Steering Wheel Locks 

rv steering wheel lock

If you’re looking for a simple RV security device, it’s hard to forget about a tried-and-true classic: a durable steering wheel lock.

Meant to prevent your rig’s steering wheel from moving, a good steering wheel lock can easily deter a would-be thief from attempting to steal your RV. Sure, these are simple to use, but they can offer plenty of security and ease of mind with minimal investment. Although they are not indestructible, they would require power tools and time to remove the lock from your steering wheel, which brings a lot of unwanted attention and noise for a burglar. 

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4) GPS Tracking Systems 

Although a GPS system will not prevent your RV from being stolen or broken into, it can help you locate your rig afterward. If you’re out in a new destination and an unfortunate event occurs, having a GPS will help you assist law enforcement with locating your rig in an unknown location. For additional ease of mind, you can purchase a GPS that is physically installed and provides live updates regarding your rig’s location and diagnostics. 

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5) Upgraded Door Locks (Keyless, deadbolts

Another way to upgrade your rig to make it much more secure is by installing aftermarket door locks that provide greater protection. By installing a robust door lock, you add a visual deterrent that shows you’ve taken more significant measures to protect your RV. Plus, many aftermarket locks are keyless or have Bluetooth capabilities, making it easier to enter your RV even if you misplace your keys. Installing a new door lock will require some basic tools, so be sure to read the lock’s manual before attempting the installation to ensure you have everything needed. 

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6) Security Cameras 

RV security camera system

Installing security cameras is one of the best ways to have greater peace of mind when exploring. Most security cameras today allow you to get a live feed wherever you are with a network connection. And if you suspect that your RV was tampered with while you were away, the recording features will allow you to review the footage at any time. Having security footage of the robbery will help you gather any evidence law enforcement can use after an RV theft.

Most RV security cameras also have motion detection, which sends you alerts whenever there is motion around your RV. This will help you quickly assess the situation and decide whether you must return to protect your rig. 

When purchasing a security camera, choose one that matches your camping habits. For example, if you routinely boondock, you may not want to buy a camera that requires Wi-Fi. Instead, you can opt for a camera that relies on 4G-LTE or a phone signal.  

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7) Window and Door Alarms 

Regardless of how many visual deterrents you install, you can’t 100% protect your RV from a determined thief. As a final measure, installing audible window and door alarms can signal to thieves that your RV has a security system and that you are aware of what they are doing. If a potential thief does enter your RV while you are away, the audible alarm can easily cause them to think twice, as it brings a lot of unwanted attention to their actions. For added security, we recommend installing both window and door alarms that will alert you while you are away that your RV has been tampered with. 

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