Keeping RV Journals and RV Logs While on the Road

Keeping RV Journals and RV Logs While on the Road

Being an RVer is about making memories, so you’ll want to keep track of all your greatest adventures. In fact, keeping track of everything from great destinations to maintenance updates is important while RVing. To make things easier and more organized, many RVers keep a separate RV log from their RV journals. And yes, there is a difference between the two. Essentially, RV logs are for recording important information regarding your RV, like maintenance and mileage. In comparison, RV journals should be used for preserving memories, moments and thoughts.

RV Logs

There are many things you should keep track of while you’re on the road. Here are some things we recommend writing down in your RV log:

  • RV logsMileage. This is important to track so that you know when you need a wheel bearing service. Mileage records also help you determine how worn your tires are and how much money you’re spending on gas. Don’t forget to track the mileage/gas on your towed vehicle, too.
  • Maintenance. Have another section in your RV log that tracks RV maintenance. To make tracking this easier, download a pre-made chart from online if you don’t want to make your own. Make sure to record any repairs or changes made to your rig. This can help indicate if you’ll need repairs in the future.
  • Location. If you’re a frequent or full-time RVer, it’s helpful to keep record of the campgrounds and RV sites you stay at, as well. Make note of how much the site costs per day, if it has full hookups, what amenities are available, if it was clean, etc. The more details you include here, the better. You don’t want to return to a campsite that you didn’t enjoy, and you don’t want to forget about one you loved.

RV Journals

RV journals are where you can let your creative abilities shine. You don’t have to stick with words in your RV journal, as they can be more like scrapbooks. Preserve your favorite memories and RV adventures with words, pictures, ticket stubs, drawings, etc. The only limit is what you can fit on each page!

RV journalsMany people take photographs and paste them right into their RV journal alongside descriptions of what they did that day. Did you catch a big fish or accidentally get a bad sunburn after falling asleep on the beach? RV journals are the perfect place to record both your adventures and mishaps so that you’ll never forget them. Try simply writing a poem or a phrase that will make you smile later.

In years to come, your RV journals will allow you to re-immerse yourself in that family trip or romantic getaway that you miss fondly. Details are key to bringing those moments alive again, so don’t be afraid to get lost in writing your story.

Your RV logs will most likely be printed out forms or charts, but many people choose a bound notebook for their RV journals. This makes them more personal and portable. Plus, there’s nothing like flipping through the pages of your memories while showing them to your children and grandchildren.

Get writing, RVers!

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