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Working & RVing Full-Time (Part II of III): All You Need to Know About Workamping and Camp Hosting

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Just like the word itself, workamping combines work and camping. Full-time and part-time workamping jobs are available at many national and state parks, amusement parks, motels/hotels, campsites, RV resorts and mobile home communities. Sometimes, there are volunteer positions available in a variety of RV or tent camping locations. The compensation is usually a free stay at the campsite with utilities covered. While that in itself adds up to hundreds of dollars a month, there is often an actual payment of wages made, too. Also, couples often work for the same employer and share the labor. Many of these couples are retirees but there’s been an increase in younger workers lately.

While there are many workamping jobs out there, it’s sometimes difficult to get the right one and the work is often seasonal. The busiest seasons are when the weather is most temperate: March, April, May, September and October. During winter, when many RVers flock to warmer climates, there are seasonal jobs in Florida, Texas and other areas of the desert Southwest, including Arizona and New Mexico.

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Workamping Positions (Paid) 

Some people work full-time as workampers, some less. Some workamping jobs are found by contacting a campground manager while others are recruited from nearby shops. Just as with housing, these positions are at the park, campground, RV resort or nearby motels and hotels. If you are in a tourist-driven area with shops and centers, there may be work available at these locations as well. You may be surprised by how lucrative these retail jobs can be, especially the management-level jobs. Sales jobs are also plentiful, especially around the holidays. If you like Christmas decorations and pumpkins, you’ll love seasonal workamping. The jobs at the campsites are a bit less glamorous. Typical work consists of cleaning bathrooms, cleaning up trash from public areas, painting, mowing lawns, housekeeping, grounds keeping, general labor, pool maintenance, and other maintenance tasks.

Volunteer Positons

If you are a retiree who doesn’t necessarily need much more than the pension you’re receiving or if you have a virtual job but wouldn’t mind free housing, volunteering as a camp host can benefit it you with a free stay at many government-subsidized campgrounds. The work usually ranges between 10 and 20 hours a week and the job descriptions vary. However, a camp host usually collects fees from guests and conducts general customer service tasks like answering questions and reporting problems.

Where do I Find Workamping Jobs?

All you have to do is Google “Workamping” and you’ll already find dozens of sites that will point you to workamping jobs. There are some sites specific to recruitment. In some cases, you may have to register and make a payment before you can see job listings. Don’t be deterred by the fee. You’ll definitely make the money back if you’re serious. Some popular workamping sites are the following:


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