Winter Fun: 14 Tips for Safe Snowmobiling Trips You’ll Remember Forever

Winter Fun: 14 Tips for Safe Snowmobiling Trips You’ll Remember Forever

Snowmobiling is fun, fast and exhilarating but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. It’s a good thing that snowmobile clubs have begun educating people about snowmobile safety because a snowmobiling accident can have very serious consequences. You should always advocate safety first over any temporary thrill, especially when it involves a heavy motor vehicle. If you’re a newbie, check out these snowmobiling for beginners tips, which are focused on making you extra vigilant while learning how to properly maneuver your snowmobile while riding, turning and stopping. Also, it’s always wise to insure your snowmobile. It’s an expensive RV you don’t want to pay to fix out of pocket if there is an accident. So, have fun while riding carefully during your snowy adventures.

1XMaintenance Makes for a Safe Toy! Yes, the most important safety precaution you can take comes well before you hit the snow in your snowmobile. Just before riding season, give your machine a comprehensive look-over: replace spark plugs, check fluid levels, change filters, clean and charge the battery. You may also want to inspect the brakes and alignment before you take it out on a long ride.

Wear a Helmet: Don’t try to look cool. It’s always wise to keep your head protected with a helmet when snowmobiling. Just think about the speed you’re taking and what that means if you collide and hit your head.

Take an Emergency Kit: Always take with you the following items: an extra key, flares, a first-aid kit and extra fuel.

Take it All In: While you’re riding, scan the field ahead of you and all around you without letting your eyes stay fixed on anything for too long. This will ensure that you’re fully clear about what’s in your surroundings. You’ll see a hazard well ahead of time, making avoiding it all that much easier.

Check Your Rear-View Mirrors: There are others on the trails so even though you want to keep alert to what’s ahead of you, make sure you gauge where others are behind you or weaving around you too.

2XKnow the Emergency-Off Button: This most important button is right next to the throttle. If you push it, the engine shuts off right away.

Relax: Even though you want to have your eyes open and remain alert at all times, you’ll want to ride in a relaxed and loose manner. If you tense up, the snowmobile will take off, so stay limber.

Sit to Reverse: Make sure you’re seated whenever you’re reversing. If you stand, you will likely lurch forward towards the throttle.

Do Not Disturb: Stick to the trails and avoid disturbing any wildlife areas. Leave the snow bunnies along, please.

Turning: Maneuvering through turns is pretty simple: Look in the direction you want to go, turning your head entirely in that direction. Use your lower body, especially the legs, to change course by shifting to one side.

Avoid Lakes & Rivers: If it looks like it may be a small body of frozen water, avoid riding over it. Even if your toy doesn’t crack the ice and sink, you will probably lose traction riding over frozen water. There will also be patterns from other snowmobilers that will make your ride less than smooth.

Dress Appropriately: Make sure to wear lots of layers. Also, you’ll need gloves, goggles and your jacket should be windproof.

Don’t Kick Your Foot Out: Keep your feet and legs away from the ground. Never, ever use your feet to counter a tipping sled. You can easily twist or break an angle. Worse yet, your leg may get pulled into the snowmobile’s track.

3XNever Ride Alone: You should always go riding with someone else. Not only is it more fun, but if something happens, you’ll have help near at hand. If for some strange reason you do go it alone, map out an itinerary of your adventure and give it to a close family member or friend.

Take a Snowmobile Safety Course: These are not usually required (some trails, though very few, do require them) but you may be able to get an insurance discount if you do decide to play it fully safe.

Do Not Drink Beforehand: Never, ever should you get on a snowmobile after having a drink. It’s all fun and games until an accident happens. It’s also illegal to drink and ride.

Don’t Ride After Dark: It more dangerous to ride at nighttime because you risk over-driving your headlights. If you just can’t resist the urge to ride at night, drive slowly so as to avoid hitting an object or animal in your path.

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