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The 10 Best U.S. Glamping Sites to Park Your RV

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Looking to take your RV somewhere this summer with a little more luxury and a little less hassle? Then glamping is perfect for you! Glamping can be summed up as “glamorous camping.” It involves a new, less traditional style of camping where amenities, and sometimes even resort-style services, are provided for you. Nowadays, there are tons of luxury resorts where you can park your RV and enjoy all that the surrounding area has to offer. The best part? You don’t have to give up any extra comfort. Read More »The 10 Best U.S. Glamping Sites to Park Your RV

How to Turn Your RV into a Tiny House

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So, you’ve made that leap and have decided to live tiny. Really, you probably just want to live in a private, sustainable, mobile and financially-stable way. The easiest way to do that in today’s world is to turn your own RV into your personal, tiny dream home. We’re here to help! Follow these steps so you can have the ultimate freedom you desire in a tiny house by simply changing your RV floorplan!Read More »How to Turn Your RV into a Tiny House

Explore Canada For Free All Year

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Looking for the perfect summer getaway—for free? Pack your bags and start up the RV! Bring the family along to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation at over 171 national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas. Why? There’s free admission for everyone! If you’re looking for the ultimate (and affordable) family vacation or couple getaway, then at least one national park in Canada is calling your name. And you only need one thing: a free Parks Canada Discovery Pass. This will give you free entry to all of Canada’s most scenic must-see national parks. It’s readily available to order online and you only need one Discovery Pass per vehicle. We’ve even picked out Canada’s top eight national parks to cross off your bucket list this summer!Read More »Explore Canada For Free All Year