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7 Ways RVs Make Traveling With Kids Easier

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Traveling with kids, especially young ones, can be challenging. There are many logistics to consider, including what to pack, when to eat, when to schedule playtime and when to nap. Young children can’t go with the flow of traveling as easily as adults. The last thing you want to do is end up with a grumpy toddler during most of your family vacation.

Most young kids need some consistency in their daily lives to stay happy and healthy. Traveling in an RV, instead of by airplane or car, actually makes keeping a regular schedule easier in many ways. A consistent schedule will also allow you to provide a better experience for your kids.

1. Consistent Meal Times

consistent meals When you travel in an RV, you can easily have consistent meal times. It just takes a bit of planning and grocery shopping. Most RVs have fully equipped kitchens with room to pack, refrigerate and prepare food and snacks. Having food on hand is less complicated than trying to find somewhere that sells chicken tenders for your 5-year old during rush-hour traffic. Plus, meal prepping is a great way to provide your family with a healthier and more well-balanced diet. It can be difficult to find meals with fresh ingredients when you go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner like you would if you stayed at a hotel.

In an RV, you can pull over at the same time every day to prepare and enjoy your meals. Doing so will most likely save you money on food, too. Of course, it’s always fun to go out to those one-of-kind eateries in a new destination. However, it’s not fun going to Denny’s every other night. Like with most things, it’s all about balance.

2. Bathroom Breaks

traveling with kids bathroomGenerally speaking, having your own bathroom wherever you go is one of the most convenient parts about traveling in an RV. It makes it even more convenient when you’re traveling with kids. You don’t have to worry about making pit stops every few miles during your family road trip. You also don’t have to wait in the bathroom line on an airplane.

Another bonus is that you and your family are the only people using the bathroom in your RV. That means that it will always be cleaned to your standards. You won’t have to wonder if the gas station bathroom has any toilet paper left or worry about hitting turbulence while you’re sitting on the pot.

3. Familiar Space

Many parents may not realize how important it is for their children to have a consistent space to come back to while traveling. In an RV, your children can keep their toys and other belongings in the same area. They will know exactly where everything is kept, including daily items like their toothbrush and shoes. They’ll also know exactly where their favorite stuffed animal or blankie is located.

Additionally, your children will most likely have a designated car seat. They will know where to sit and how to fasten their seatbelt. The familiarity of an RV will make them feel safer, even if it’s parked at a new destination.

4. Toy Storage

A family vacation is all about fun, right? In an RV, you can bring all your kids’ favorite toys like bikes, kayaks, boogie boards and more. This will provide further familiarity with their new surroundings and it’s cheaper than renting the items at every new destination. Just remember not to overload your RV, which could easily cause a blowout or an accident while you’re on the road.

5. Consistent Sleep Schedules

sleeping kidsYoung children also need a consistent sleeping schedule. When you’re traveling with kids by plane or car, you’re most likely staying in a hotel or similar accommodation. That makes it harder to schedule nap times at the same time every day. It may also split up your family during a vacation. One parent may have to stay at the hotel with a sleeping baby while the other parent and older kids stay out to explore.

However, traveling with kids in an RV makes scheduling nap times and bedtimes much more manageable. Your RV will most likely be parked close to wherever you are, so you can quickly go back and forth. Plus, you can pull out your RV awning and some chairs to relax and watch the kids play outside the RV while the baby sleeps soundly inside during their nap. Just remember to keep the baby monitor with you!

6. Outdoor Freedom

traveling with kids in RVOne of the best parts about RVing is easy access to the great outdoors. Not to mention the playgrounds, pools and game rooms often available at campsites. Even there isn’t a playground, it’s fun to be able to explore different trails, swim in different lakes and watch the sunset in different places.

Outside is always a few steps away when you’re in an RV. It’s not down the hall, down the elevator, out the door and a car ride away like it would be if you were staying in a hotel or motel. Plus, RVing at a campsite gives you and your family time to unplug and bond over fun outdoor activities. We say put the phones away and take out the kayaks!

7. Making Friends

traveling with kids outdoorsSpeaking of playgrounds and game rooms, these places are great opportunities for your kids to meet other kids their age. How cool would it be for your children to have friends in states all across the country? Unlike in a hotel or motel, your children will be exposed to other outdoor lovers their age that are also exploring trails, riding bikes and basking in the sunshine.

As your kids make friends with other kids at the campground, you’ll probably meet their parents and make friends of your own, too. Making connections with people of similar interests is one of the most fun parts about RVing that your family will love. It’s also sure to make your vacation a memorable one!

RV Safety Tips When Traveling With Kids

Whenever you’re traveling with kids, there are additional safety measures you should take. Here are some safety tips to remember when you’re traveling in an RV with your family:

  • family traveling with kidsStay Seated. When traveling in a comfortable, roomy RV, it’s easy to forget that you’re riding in a moving vehicle. Always remember that turns, bumps, braking and unexpected movements happen on the road. Objects inside your RV can easily fall, roll or cause cabinets to open. Make sure your kids stay in their seats for this reason.
  • Buckle Up. Most likely, your RV came equipped with seat belts. They’re typically located in the dinette area, couch cushions or an RV chair secured to the floor. These are the best seats to ride in while the RV is moving. Again, it’s important to note that anyone, especially children, should always be seated with their seat belts fastened while the RV is in motion.
  • Car Seats. Just like in a regular passenger vehicle, you should always follow federal recommendations for children’s car seats. This includes the sizing and placement of car seats. Although it’s generally recommended that children do not ride in the front seat of passenger vehicles, this may not be true in your particular RV. Many child safety seats require a shoulder harness and a lap belt. These may only be available in the driver’s and immediate passenger’s seat in your RV, making it the safest option.

RV Insurance

Another RV essential is Specialty RV Insurance. Your Auto Insurance won’t provide sufficient coverage if you get into an accident or end up stuck on the side of the road. Don’t assume that RV Insurance will be expensive, either. You may be surprised at how affordable a comprehensive RV policy can be. Call an RV Insurance Specialist at (866) 501-7335 today for a free quote and recommendations on the best coverage for your lifestyle.

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