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6 RV Destinations Made for Young RVers

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Let’s face it: Visiting some RV parks can be downright demoralizing for new RVers. If you’re a young millennial with a requisite beard and a newfound love of RVing, then you may be familiar with the unfriendly hello’s or even strange looks from the veterans who’ve been doing it for years. Maybe you just want a list of RV destinations that are better suited for your age. You know, somewhere near a trendy coffee shop or modern art gallery. If that’s the case, boy, do we have a list for you.

RV Destinations for Young RVers

While we could suggest some ways to win over the traditional demographic of RVers, we decided to suggest some RV destinations where younger generation RVers will be more welcome instead. Most importantly, every RV destination on our list is situated near cultural and entertainment spots you’re sure to appreciate. For whatever trend you’re into, there are sure to be some RV destinations that are right for you. In between your rendezvous with nature, make sure to visit these exciting towns, peppered with coffee shops, spiritual centers, artists’ communities, galleries and more.

1. Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort, California

For the Relaxed, the Woodsy and the Musically-Inclined RVer

rv destinationsAre you the kind of RVer that travels with kale salad and a towable electric car? Then you were meant to park your RV at the Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort. Activities here include hiking, horseback riding, boating, surfing and mountain biking. Your adventures will be set against redwood forests, waterfalls and the beach. Plus, you’ll find amazing local dining, wine tastings and wineries in the mountains here. Amenities also include full-hookups, hot showers and a huge clubhouse that includes Wi-Fi, a TV, a pool table and even a piano. However, the best part of this RV resort is the town of Santa Cruz. The downtown strip here is perfect for a visit to the small coffee shops and live music venues. If you want a relaxed pace for your adventures, then you’ll definitely find it in this little town situated between San Jose and Monterey Bay.

2. Rancho Sedona RV Park, Arizona

For the Spirtual and the Yoga-Loving RVer

Peaceful and tranquil, Rancho Sedona is surrounded by Cottonwood and Sycamore trees leading to a mesmerizing creek. Mountain biking, fishing, hiking and swimming are popular activities during the day. Amenities include laundry, Wi-Fi and cable TV. However, the best part of this RV park is its proximity to nearby galleries, shops and restaurants, which are all walking distance. Sedona is also known to many as a powerful vortex where the earth is alive with healing and grounding energies. It’s considered the center of cosmic forces that emanate from the red rocks. For a spiritual experience, make sure to explore the four centers here, which include Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon. You might even make new friends at these locations, as they are popular hangouts for yoga practitioners and meditation groups. Also, be sure to catch the sunset over the mountains for a remarkable view.

3. Geiger Key Marina & RV Campground, Florida

For the Beach Bum, the Night-Lifer and the Foodie RVer

rv destinationsKey West is a very fun, laid back island city just south of Miami. Young adults from all over the world come here for friendly vibes and endless fun. Some even come to see where Ernest Hemingway lived, as he used to frequent Sloppy Joes, which is always packed. If you’ve got a boat, the waterfront here is spectacular, as well as the private campsite right at the edge of the water. You can also enjoy the seclusion of a resort while being only 10 miles away from downtown. Here, you’ll find live music and some of the finest seafood restaurants in the country. At night, park near Duval and Front streets to go from bar to bar until you’ve experienced everything this magnificent town has to offer.

4. River West Resort, Nevada

For the the Dog-Loving, the History-Seeking and the Artist RVer

This resort is like a dog-friendly paradise in Sin City’s backyard. And if you think you’re going to be on a parched plot of land, you’re wrong. Here, you’ll be only steps from the boundless Truckee River. This campsite has been around since 1927 so there’s a lot of rich history here (and amazing black and white photographs of it on the website). A popular attraction is the Generator, an art space, maker space and community in Reno/Sparks. Most notably, the Generator is active each year at the Burning Man festival. Reno is quickly becoming a hub of artists looking for a community and affordable rent, so this may be a great place for you to visit and possibly relocate.

5. Santa Fe Skies RV Park, New Mexico

For the Artsy, the Trail-Loving and the Bargain-Hunting RVer

If you want to see a real artist community in action, then you’ll want to visit Madrid, New Mexico. Santa Fe Skies RV Park, which is about a half-hour away, is probably the closest RV park. This campground is located on the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and overlooks a scenic valley below. Take a long hike along the Turquoise Trail from the park into the artist center of Madrid to find over 40 shops and galleries. Then, head north to the village of Cerrillos for horseback riding. Sunrises and sunsets here are breathtaking, too. The owners are also pet-friendly which may be a plus for you. Full amenities are available, including water, cable TV and Wi-Fi. The best part of staying here is that if you stay six nights, you get the seventh one for free!

6. Spruce Row Campground & RV Park, New York

For the Eco-Friendly, the Herbivore and the Earthy RVer

Are you eco-conscious, vegan, or at least more vegetarian than carnivore? Then you need to experience Ithaca, New York. People often believe that Woodstock, New York is the place to go if you’re an earthy type. However, Ithaca is far more artsy than the tourist-ridden Woodstock, which exudes opulence more than it does the hippy life that it’s famous for. What’s great about Spruce Row Campground & RV Park is that it’s in the heart of Ithaca, so you can explore all the city’s colleges and galleries. If you haven’t bought an RV yet, Spruce Row has on-site rental units. You can stay in large trailers and only have to bring your own linens and bedding. There are also plenty of traditional campsites, too, both with and without utilities.

RV Insurance

As you can see, there are RV destinations for everyone. You just have to find the one for you. And for whichever type of young RVer you may be, you never know when an accident may occur. That’s why it’s important to have the right coverage on your motorhome or trailer. You may also want to consider buying Specialty Seasonal RV Insurance if you only use your RV a few months out of the year. To get the best deal, it’s important to shop multiple rates at the same time. Let an Insurance Specialist search for you for free. Call (866) 501-7335 today.

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