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4 Must-Have High-Tech Gadgets for RV Living

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Younger RVers don’t need much convincing. They know that staying connected and having technology in an RV is the only way to travel. However, some of us older RVers, even the ones who are younger than retirement age, grumble at the idea of learning more new techie stuff. Remember when cell phones first came into use? Were you one of those who tried to resist that trend too? Maybe it’s time to embrace all that technology has to offer – especially when you’re on the road. There are RV-friendly apps out there that can help you if you’re lost, out of gas or are unexpectedly hit with bad weather. But aside from useful apps, there are other must-have gadgets, especially for full-time RVing. We’ve compiled a list of these below:

Mobile Hotspotmobile hotspot

Hotspots can connect phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and essentially any other Wi-Fi- enabled device. You can even get service that’s as fast as your home Internet connection. Prices for nationwide connectivity vary but they can easily run over $100 if you download lots of entertainment. Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are easy to use and don’t usual require any software to connect with one. Some modems allow you to add GPS functions to your laptop. Do you really need a hotspot? If you are occasionally connecting to the Internet, probably not, but if you are working on the road, you’ll want to have this. Connecting on social media helps campers feel more secure, especially when they go camping alone. Many campers use Twitter and Facebook to keep loved ones abreast of their movements.

Signal Boostersignal booster

In most areas, especially desolate ones, the cell signal is weak or nonexistent. There are many different types of boosters and having one is an absolute must for those who boondock but still want to stay connected. Some campgrounds have really weak signals and you’ll be glad you have this handy gadget. Explore your options in terms of capabilities, reliability, and price. A good place to start your search is Wilson Amplifiers.

RV-Specific GPSgps

Yes, there’s such a thing as GPS made for RVs. Some are even equipped to warn you of oncoming dangers, like hills, sharp corners, low tunnels, bridges and other road hazards. They even come with weather maps that keep you safe and aware of oncoming storms.

Solar Panelssolar panel

You can recharge your batteries by harnessing the sun’s rays, and all you need is a two-panel system which isn’t expensive at all. If you want to go big, you can get four-panel 1000 watt system to charge all your appliances and electronics. If you’re not ready to invest in solar panels for your RV, you can buy a Solio Bolt for under $70. This device can charge your phone or camera by plugging it into the USB port. You power the Bolt by sticking it on
the dash. It’s that easy!

Not only do some of these gadgets bring you convenience and ease but they may also keep you safe. Another way to protect yourself is to have the right insurance on your motorhome or any recreational vehicles you may own. Regular auto insurance doesn’t suffice, so speak with an Insurance Specialist at (866) 501-7335 or start a quote online by clicking here.

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