RV Insurance – 2 Accidents Other Companies Won’t Cover

If you are on the fence about buying RV insurance from a specialized company, you should know that there are some accidents a typical insurance company simply won’t cover. While a specialized agent will understand the ins and outs of a recreational vehicle, an automobile agent doesn’t get all the intricacies involved.

There are certain instances with an RV that are significantly different than with a typical automobile. That’s why it makes sense to buy coverage from someone who understands your vehicle. After all, there are at least 2 major accidents traditional companies will not cover.

Propane Leaks, Refrigerator Repairs Only with RV Insurance

Remember that recreational vehicles are typically used as a home on the road, so there will be many amenities and accessories that will be found on an RV, but not on a regular car. Because of this fact, hundreds of RV insurance claims every year involve the propane tank or a refrigerator burnout. A traditional insurance policy may not have any coverage in place regarding damage to or by these items. Since they are so important to your vehicle and can cause your vehicle to catch fire, it makes sense to purchase coverage from a specialized agent. Without this coverage, you will be spending hundreds, or more likely, thousands of dollars out of your own bank account to pay for these damages or repairs.

RV Insurance - RV campsiteForgetting to pull in awnings and steps

As mentioned above, there are accessories that are attached to an RV, but not a regular car. These permanent accessories are commonly damaged. They can be damaged when you forget to pull them in before driving off. They can be damaged by hitting a tree or some other object. This happens more often than one would think, but it is like a house on wheels and it takes some getting used to in remembering to put these things away before driving off.
A traditional insurance company regards these items as accessories and they will not cover them. A specialized agent realizes that they are an essential part of your recreational vehicle, and will provide coverage if they need repair or replacement.

Buying from a Specialized Agent

Buying your motor home insurance from a specialized agent means that you will have all the coverage you need to protect your investment. These policies cover everything that another non-specialized agent would allow to fall through the cracks. It would be a smart move to talk to someone that is very knowledgeable about RV so that they can bring up potential issues that you haven’t even thought about yourself.


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