Tailgaters Heaven: How the RV Is the Talk of the Party

Tailgaters Heaven: How the RV Is the Talk of the Party

Tailgating is all about hanging out in a stadium parking lot, eating amazing food, laughing with great company and following the game. Some people throw the party right out of the back of their cars and SUVs, while others go all out. Some “tailgating purists” say that tailgating with an RV is cheating, but we know that everyone is envious when an RV pulls in with all the comforts of home and an amazing setup, barbecue and all. Here are some tips on how to make your rv tailgate party amazing. Also, you don’t want to miss our contest, where you can win some pretty amazing football-themed prizes (see below for details).

With Your RV at a Tailgate Party You Can…27459951713_23faf00326_b

  • Have the game on while preparing food and drinks from your kitchen onboard.
  • Have ice on hand, if you have a freezer onboard.
  • Have your very own clean bathroom to use whenever you need it. Say goodbye to lines.
  • Host more friends and family with an RV, especially if you have a slide-out or two.
  • Hoist that big patio awning if it starts raining, all without missing out on the fun by going inside.
  • Set up extra-large flat-screen TVs (you can hook them up to dual satellites to watch more than one game).
  • Have lots of storage for extra food, game gear, and anything else you may want to bring to entertain your guests (balloons, banners, face and body paint, team flags, etc.).
  • Decorate your rig with the colors of your team and banners.
  • Avoid traffic while everyone is sitting bumper-to-bumper in their cars. You can just relax and enjoy the post-game shows on your television(s) with your friends and family.

Tips on Food

You may not want the entire responsibility of feeding all the guests, so designate some friends to bring drinks, chips and salsa. But, since you’re the one with the RV chances are everyone’s looking to you and your cozy kitchen!

Helpful Tips to Remember:

  • Start your RV fridge a few hours beforehand to make sure foods stays cold.
  • Keep your cooking to a minimum (and make sure you generator can handle all the cooking you plan to do during the party, microwave included.). Pre-prepare some dishes ahead when you can. You can always reheat everything in the kitchen or on the barbecue.chargers-tailgate-catered-e1378359640969
  • Keep your barbecue simple for fast grilling (hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, veggie burgers) and for side dishes stick to one-pot recipes (chili, mac ‘n’ cheese).
  • Keep meats in a separate cooler from veggies and drinks.
  • Make your cold salads ahead of time (potato and macaroni salad, coleslaw).
  • Bring easy snacks that are ready to eat: crackers, pretzels, chips, cookies, cupcakes.
  • Don’t forget hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. The temperatures may drop, but you can stay warm!
  • Bring lots of water, bottled drinks, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t forget the ice, bottle openers, napkins, plates, utensils and condiments!

Very Important Reminders:

  • Call ahead to see if you need a special parking permit for your RV.
  • Get there early to get a spot at the end of a row to have the space needed for your awning to be opened out.
  • Check the rules of the venue to see if alcohol is allowed.
  • Make sure your water tanks are prepared for you and your guests and have lots of septic-safe toilet paper handy.
  • Check the rules of the venue to see if bottles and kegs are allowed (if not, bring cans).
  • Clean up after yourself when you are done.

If you want more tips on how to throw an amazing tailgating party in your RV, the good news is that there is an entire website devoted to the topic, called Tailgating.com. You can see photos, find recipes and get tips from veteran tailgater Joe Cahn, formerly of the New Orleans School of Cooking.

For the Top 50 Tailgating Recipes from Food Network, click here. Some of these dishes are bold new takes on old favorites! Wow your guests with these delicious treats and they’ll never forget tailgaiing with you!

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