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Stop the Noise: How to Quiet Down Your Boat Engine

Do you have an older boat that’s so loud that you have to yell at your guests so they can hear you? Maybe you bought a brand-new boat that sounds like a lawn mower. The most common source of noise

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2018 RV Shows: Finding Deals on the Perfect One

Below, you’ll find a year’s worth of RV, Boat and Camper shows throughout the U.S. Remember that the RV shows are not the only places to find great deals if you’re serious about buying a new RV or travel trailer.

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Winterizing Your Boat for Smooth Sailing Come Spring

If you own a boat you probably already know that you need to winterize it for the winter. If you’re a new boat owner, this is a necessary step before storing any type of watercraft. Not only will winterizing your

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