Holiday Gift Ideas for RV Lovers and The People Who Love Them

Holiday Gift Ideas for RV Lovers and The People Who Love Them

It’s holiday season and so let the gift giving begin! If you know your loved one is an RV enthusiast, half your work is already done. There are so many RV accessories, gadgets and trinkets that RV lovers appreciate. All you need to do now is figure out your budget and customize according to that RV lover’s tastes. The following gift ideas come in a range of price points, so you can bundle a bunch of gifts or buy one big one.

RVing Writers

Just one look on will bring up dozens of travel and camping journals with ornate covers and illustrations of all types of RVs. Whether you’re shopping for a fifth-wheeler owner or your loved one has a humble trailer, there’s a journal for you. Also, you can find useful RV Logbooks with packing and emergency lists as well as room to log your gas mileage and more.

Wine Lovers

If the person you are gifting is a wine drinker, there are lots of great camping glasses made especially for the outdoors. If you want something sporty, buy the Coleman Claret Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glass or go sleek and buy a set of 4 Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses. These beauties are unbreakable and shatterproof too, perfect for that RVer who’s known to have one too many at the campsite. If your loved one is a serious wine drinker and refuses to drink out of anything but glass, buy the Sorbus Wine Stakes Set, which holds a bottle and 2 glasses so there won’t be any spills or breaks.

Serious Travelers

If you’re looking to buy one huge gift for the RVer in your life, you may want to consider the Rand McNally RV Tablet. It costs over $700 but makes every other device virtually unnecessary. The award-winning and advanced navigation system is made for trip planning. This device is wi-fi connected so you can use it for everything, from checking weather and gas price to your route and traffic jams. This device also has a dash cam and backup camera, along with advanced lane guidance. You can also get estimated toll costs so you can compare routes that don’t charge a toll.

Rugged Adventurers

What better way to say, “I love you” than to gift your loved one with a personalized pocket knife? Yes, you can get your recipient’s name etched into the wooden part of the handle. It’s very cool, and the manly man in your life (and tom boys) will absolutely love using it during their adventures out in the woods. The Elk Ridge Pocket Knife even offers free engraving with purchase. Just make sure to spell the name right!

The Barbecue Extraordinaire

What would a barbecue-happy RVer love more than a grilling utensils set with its own carrying case, right? And there are many different brands to choose from: There’s a $20 BBQ Grill Tools Set with wooden handles and a fancier version by Cuisinart for $50. If stainless steel is how your loved one like his/her grilling tools, there are several makes and models ranging from $20-$40 too.

For Children (and the Young at Heart)

Are the kids always complaining that they’re cold at night when you go camping? No need for more blankets. Now you can get the kids to wear their sleeping bags, which couldn’t keep them warmer. Marvel makes amazing wearable sleeping bags for both girls and boys (only $44!). The kids will love nothing more than pretending to be Superman or the Incredible Hulk until they fall asleep. But, they’re not just for kids. Just saying.

Your Favorite RV Couple

These two deserve matching mugs that say “Life is better in a camper,” don’t they? For $22, this is a great last-minute gift that still feels personal. Or, you could crown one “King of the RV” and the other “Queen of the RV” for about $16 each. Mugs are always a great gift to give. Most of us RVers have broken a few in our time on the road and can always use a couple more.

Sock it to Her

Get the women in your life who love to RV some warm RV-themed socks! You have a choice between trailers and tents ($8), RVing bears, rabbits and birds (2 different pairs, $10), and RV-themed Christmas socks with evergreens and a white trailer ($12). Ugly but cozy socks are the best and they fit perfectly with RVing.

Dish it Out

Who doesn’t want to own RV-themed vintage plates in classic 1970s orange, red and olive colors? Each Camp Casual plate features a different kind of RV (trailer, camper, Airstream) in a different setting: beachside, in the woods, etc. This 12-piece dish set is made of melamine, which is a very durable thermosetting plastic. You don’t have to worry about breaking these dishes (they are not microwave safe, however)!


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