15 Space-Saving Storage Tips for Organizing Your RV

15 Space-Saving Storage Tips for Organizing Your RV

If you’re going from a 1,500-square-foot home to a 300-square-foot motor home, you’ll need to stop hoarding and get yourself organized. If you’re already living in your RV as a full-timer, you know how important an uncluttered space is when your living space is compact. Keeping your cozy RV neat and tidy is essential for relaxing and enjoying your time on the road, so don’t underestimate a well-kept motor home.

The first mistake to avoid in organizing your space is buying more stuff before you organize. First, go through all your belongings and throw away all the things you don’t need or use anymore. In the pile of things you plan to keep, assess which items need storage or need to be organized.

Below are 15 products you can use to organize your necessities. These will make your RV look so orderly and neat, you’ll imagine you have much more space than you actually do!


  1. Use an over-the cabinet-door wastebasket
    $29.99 at Amazon


  1. Use Velcro to keep your remote controls in one place
    $4.54 at Amazon


  1. Use hideaway hooks for hanging up jackets/coats
    $18.99 at Amazon


  1. Use command hooks inside around the motor home for more storage space
    $7.30 at Amazon


  1. Hang a fruit/veggie hammock
    $10.58 at Amazon


  1. Use collapsible and nesting kitchen equipment.
    $34.88 at Amazon

dish cradles

  1. Take advantage of vertical space in your kitchen. Use dish cradles.
    $9.99 at Amazon


  1. Use a magnetic spice tray for more counter space
    $39.44 at Amazon

spice rack

  1. Use a ceiling or under cabinet paper-plate dispenser
    $7.54 at Amazon


  1. Use hooks to hold aluminum foil and saran wrap on the wall
    $8.99 at Amazon

hooks saran wrap

  1. Use Command strips to attach storage pods or pvc pipes
    $2.98 Add-on item at Amazon

command strips

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  1. If you use lamps, buy ones that have a power outlet in the base

Choices starting from $15.76 at Amazon


  1. Use magazine holders for books and art supplies

$25.99 in multiple colors at Amazon


  1. Organize your refrigerator with bins

4 piece set for $29.99 at Amazon


  1. Store cereal, grains and pasta in airtight containers (and store them in a cool microwave or oven when you’re not using the appliances)

$15.97 at Amazon


Which of these RV Storage Ideas are you going to use to organize your RV?

Hopefully after reading this article, you found a few of these ideas useful in your home. Which of these products are you dying to get to organize your RV space?


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