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Planning the Perfect RV Glamping Weekend Getaway

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When it comes to glamping, you can stay local or go somewhere new to have the ultimate relaxing vacation. It doesn’t have to require elaborate planning or a deep-pocket budget either. A few simple items will add magic to your camping trip in an instant. From the location and amenities to the food and bedding, you can glamp like you never have before. RV glamping is definitely something everyone should experience, and maybe splurge a little on. Either way, we say treat yourself because you deserve it!

Read on for some ways you can truly make your RV glamping vacation your very own.

Pick Your Location

Where do you want to go? Below, we’ve included our top three RV glamping locations for you to consider. For even more options, you can also check out our carefully curated list of the 10 Best U.S. Glamping Sites to Park Your RV. Awesome glamping sites have been popping up all over the country! If none of these are in the area you’re looking for, there’s probably an RV glamping site closer than you think. All you need to do is a little web surfing.

Newport Dunes Resort & Marina in California

RV Glamping: LocationHead over to Newport Beach for one of the best RV ocean side experiences in Southern California. The mile-long beach offers swimming, kayaking and boat rentals. There’s also a pool, spa, market place, and bike and golf cart rentals for all the luxury you need. You can even pitch a tent on your lot for that traditional camping feel. Then let the ocean waves lull you to sleep every night.

Mountain Falls Motorcoach Resort in North Carolina

Immerse yourself in nature with the stunning views of western North Carolina. Start your day by hiking or horseback riding past beautiful waterfalls, lakes and parklands. Head back to the RV glamping resort to enjoy luxury amenities including pools, a hot spa, a golf course and a catering kitchen. Your RV lot will also display amazing panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains while you enjoy free Wi-Fi and cable TV. This is the perfect place not only for nature lovers, but families and couples, too.

Aztec RV Resort in Florida

Located in the greater Fort Lauderdale region, this resort provides a vacation that you won’t soon forget! Luxury amenities including heated pools, spas, tennis courts and a fitness center are sprinkled throughout hundreds of spacious RV lots. The resort has an activity calendar to occupy the whole family and nearby attractions in Fort Lauderdale to explore. Take time to enjoy the five-star guest services staff, too. You know you’ll be well taken care of during your entire visit here.

Add Ambiance

Once you’ve chosen your location, it’s time to set the tone of your trip. The best and easiest way to do this? Lights! There are three ways to transform your RV glamping nights into something magical. Think candles, fairy lights, garden lights or all of the above! Most of the items below can be found for cheap online, too.


RV Glamping: AmbienceBring some small tea candles (they can even be battery powered ones). Place them in individual glass jars for both fire safety and an outdoorsy feel. You’ll want a bunch so that you can make a border with them around your RV glamping site. It’ll be like you’re surrounded by glimmering fireflies. This can add a little romance to your campfire dinner or make for a fun activity as the kids decorate the site.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are small stringed LED lights that are typically battery-powered and totally fun to play with. Put them in colored glass jars and place them around the inside of your RV for a whimsical ambiance. Or, hang them on the inside and outside of your RV to brighten up the night. It will feel as though you’re lying under a million stars wherever you go.

Garden Lights

These are bigger stringed lights with a more yellowy glow that will match perfectly with the warm blaze of your campfire. Hang them all around the glamping site and RV. Then enjoy roasting marshmallows under a magical starry night. They’ll also be convenient for lighting the way to find more marshmallows, or the bathroom!

Prep Simple, Delicious Meals

It might not seem like it, but what you eat can really affect your entire day and your entire vacation. Maybe you don’t want to take advantage of the luxury meals offered to you by your RV glamping site. Luckily, there are tons of campfire recipes you can use to have the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, we’ve already gathered some fun and simple summertime recipes that you can either follow or customize to make your own.

Ultimate Egg Sandwiches

RV Glamping: MealsThis breakfast will really boost your energy for the day with its hearty protein and sweet tomatoes. It’s a quick fix with a skillet on your RV stove. Plus, it’ll have you ready in no time for a fun day of exploring the great outdoors. It’s also easy to take on the go, as you can eat it on the way to the pool or save it for the end of your morning hike.

Grilled Summer Kebabs

This healthy meal is perfect for lunch with its colorful summer veggies and lean turkey sausages. They require a little more prep, but who doesn’t love food on a stick? Since it’s something you and your loved ones can make together, you know each kebab will also be exactly how you like it.

BBQ Hot Dog Packs

There can’t be a camping trip without hot dogs, even if it’s technically a glamping getaway. Throw all the ingredients together and soon enough you’ll have a delicious dinner ready for the whole family. Eat these hot dog packs under your garden lights for a true camping feel. It’ll be a great way to end the day!

Bring on the Luxury

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. We know you’ll want your weekend getaway to be as relaxing as possible. While the amenities provided to you by your RV glamping site may be convenient and wonderful, there are small things you can do to make your vacation feel even more luxurious.


RV Glamping: LuxuryIt’s time to dress up your RV bed with some fancy accessories! Get quality thread count linens, goose down-stuffed pillows and the softest throws you can find. If you don’t already have a super comfy mattress, then get a goose down topper. It will be cheaper than a new luxury mattress while still making your bed feel like your sleeping on clouds.


Getting luxurious bath and beach towels may seem a little ridiculous, but it can make a huge difference. There’s nothing better than coming out of the pool and wrapping yourself in a towel that’s thick and fluffy. And there’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a towel that feels soft and silky against your clean skin. It’s a small, simple item that can make the difference between a normal camping trip and a luxurious RV glamping trip.


Yes, you will be spending most of your time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on luxury toiletries while you’re glamping. Whip out your travel sized bottles and fill them with your favorite body wash, that shampoo that makes your hair smell really good, and face wash that makes your skin feel clean and fresh. You may not have the ability to take a bubble bath in your small RV shower, but bringing your favorite toiletries along will be sure to relax you after a long day spent in the great outdoors.

It’s also important to have Specialty RV Insurance before setting off on your RV glamping getaway. That way you can truly relax and have total peace of mind on your vacation. If you’re still shopping for a policy or are considering switching, call a knowledgeable Insurance Specialist to get multiple quotes at (866) 501-7335.

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