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One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to RV insurance is, “Why can’t I just use the company I’ve been with for years?” It’s a good question. There is definitely something to say for loyalty and history with a company. Good past experiences may lead you to believe that continuing to deal with them is the best choice.

But before you make the final decision consider the fact that RVs are a different animal than automobiles. Make sure you know what is available in terms of RV insurance before you opt to go with your general auto insurance policy’s suggested additional coverage. It’s easy to get online and access online RV insurance quotes in order to give you an idea of the options available before you jump in without any idea where you might land.

Getting Online RV Insurance Quotes

One of the best things about getting an online RV insurance quote is that it’s fast. Many online RV insurance companies can offer you a valid quote in minutes. Which is great because once you’ve got your new RV you’ll want to get it on the road…and not have to wait around to hear back about your RV insurance quotes!

Another great thing (although the speed of the quote delivery is DEFINITELY the best) is the ease with which you can use the online quotes you receive to compare policy and coverage specifics. Most RV Insurance companies will quote you using a variety of coverage options (from a truck camper to the elite Class A’s). You’ll be able to pick and choose which suits your needs and provides the coverages you’re looking for.

RV Insurance Quotes - RV campsiteMaking the Decision

If you’re still leaning towards building on the history and loyalty you have with your current auto insurance provider you now have quotes and coverage details to have on hand when you discuss the possibilities with them. You’ll know if their recommended coverage is comparable (in coverage and cost) to those recommended by the RV insurance companies you accessed online. Make sure to pay attention to what is covered by their recommended policies because more often than not there are some important aspects of the RV that are overlooked by general insurance company policies (like the awnings and the slideouts). And make sure that you ask about personal injury claims coverage for visitors to your RV. Also consider how much time you’ll be spending in your RV. The more time you spend in your RV the more important it is that you get an actual RV insurance policy.

Another great thing (probably even better than the speed of the quote) is that the online quotes are free. You can access as many different RV insurance companies as you’d like and get a wide array of applicable information for absolutely no money. You don’t have to receive any phone calls. You don’t have to discuss the details or the RV insurance quotes with an agent. And you don’t have to accept their quotes and sign up for a policy. Although…signing up for a policy online is almost as easy as requesting RV insurance quotes!

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