Power Hiking Breakfast Recipes for New Adventures

Spring is finally here. That means warmer weather and beautiful hiking opportunities! We know you’re ready for some new adventures, like backpacking through the Redwood Forest or hiking the rocky trails of the Grand Canyon, so we’ve curated a list of some quick, easy, and energizing power hiking breakfast recipes that are sure to get you pumped in the morning. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or to a waterfall, these power hiking breakfast recipes are a fast and simple fix to start off your outdoor morning routine. Read more ›

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Stop the Noise: How to Quiet Down Your Boat’s Engine

Do you have an older boat that’s so loud that you have to yell at your guests so they can hear you? Maybe you bought a brand-new boat that sounds like a lawn mower. Sure, you can pay an acoustics expert hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to add all sorts of insulation so you can enjoy riding in peace and quiet. However, there are ways to do this on the cheap too. Read more ›

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How to Buy a Used Jet Ski and Not Get a Lemon

Buying a used watercraft or Jet Ski for sale is not the worst idea in the world. It’s still cheaper than renting, and if you find one that’s been well taken care of, you could enjoy many hours of fun in the water before you will need to consider investing in a new one. There are a few things you should look for when shopping for a personal watercraft. We tell you all the factors that should determine price and whether or not the vehicle is even worth your time. Take these tips into consideration when shopping and you should find yourself a great machine in no time! Read more ›

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I Am Woman, Hear My Bike Roar: Women Bikers of the New Millennium

It used to be that the only time you ever saw a woman anywhere near a motorcycle, she was on the back of one.  Well, things have changed and there are women of all ages, shapes and sizes riding their very own motorcycles. Female bikers are no longer a rarity on the road, and some women are even becoming experts at working on their motorcycles. Read more ›

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Spring Break RV Trips: Destinations & Tips for Preventing Disaster

Calling all RVers! Spring break is just around the corner. Don’t have anything totally planned out yet? Take a fun family road trip! You can hit a few of America’s greatest spring break spots or keep your RV parked and spend your whole time in one place. Either way, your spring break is sure to be jam-packed with fun family activities, adventures, and sightseeing. While there’s something to do in every state, we came up with our top seven RV spring break picks, so you can plan the best family getaway yet! Read more ›

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