How a Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion May be Your Ticket to #VanLife

Already, the heavy hitters in the RV game are picking up on the fact that younger RVers are interested in traveling in compact vehicles that function as everyday vehicles. The smaller the RV, the easier it is to park in normal lots or step out for a night of entertainment. Read more ›

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RV Checklist for the Kitchen: What You Can’t Travel Without

There’s more to packing the kitchen of your RV than sticking a bunch of food in the fridge. You have to make sure to bring along all the essentials like cooking oil and spatulas. And don’t forget that when it comes time to eat, you’ll need to have things to serve the food in. Our RV kitchen checklist is full of all that stuff most of us completely forget about until it comes time to make a meal. Read more ›

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Top 9 Motorcycle Rides with the Best Fall Foliage

You’re probably ready for the summer heat to die down in exchange for sweater weather, hot apple cider and, of course, seeing the leaves change from deep greens to vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. While fall has a different meaning for every state in the U.S., there are many beautiful places you can go to view the breathtaking change of seasons. In fact, a road trip with stunning fall motorcycle rides might be just what you need before settling in for the holidays.  Read more ›

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20 Golden Rules of RV Etiquette: Making Friends (Not Enemies) at the Campsite

When you live in a house or apartment, being a good neighbor requires common sense and compassion. Having RV etiquette at campsites is not much different. People spend a good amount of time outside while parked, so it’s not just your vacation once you’re on the campground. Not intruding on someone else’s good time should always be your first and last thought. You can never go wrong when treating other campers the same way you’d want to be treated, that is, with respect. Read more ›

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State-by-State Fall 2018 RV Shows You Just Can’t Miss

So, you’re thinking of buying a new RV for the first time. Or, maybe you’re going from a big one to a smaller one because you’ve discovered you need less than you thought. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in an RV, you’ll find it at a good RV show. RV shows are great for allowing shoppers to really spend some time inside the vehicles. This is really important to do before making a decision you won’t regret later. Also, sales people at RV shows are generally less aggressive than those in RV dealerships so you don’t have to feel pressured to buy on the spot. Read more ›

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