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What Kind of Boat Should I Buy? Tips For Beginners

There are many reasons people buy boats. Some people do it to join yachting clubs or participate in fishing tournaments. Others want a watercraft to race friends. Some folks want a simple paddle boat to take fishing and attach to the top

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It’s Time To De-Winterize Your Boat for Smooth Sailing

It’s finally warming up outside, which means it’s sailing season yet again. That means you’ll need to de-winterize your boat for smooth sailing once your put it in the water. While routine maintenance checks on all the moving parts of your boat are important

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Winterizing Your Boat for Smooth Sailing Come Spring

If you own a boat you probably already know that you need to winterize it for the winter. If you’re a new boat owner, this is a necessary step before storing any type of watercraft. Not only will winterizing your

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What to Do with Your RV and Recreational Toys During a Hurricane

There are many RV owners in the South who are being hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. From Texas all the way up to the coast of Maine, people should be aware of the threats of hurricanes and tropical storms which

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Do You Need Year-Round Boat Insurance?

Owning a boat and going out on the water any time you want is exhilarating. You feel the wind in your hair and smell the salty sea under your nose. The waves bash against the hull and you hear the snaps

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