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Stop the Noise: How to Quiet Down Your Boat Engine

Do you have an older boat that’s so loud that you have to yell at your guests so they can hear you? Maybe you bought a brand-new boat that sounds like a lawn mower. The most common source of noise

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RVers Rally Together to Save Hurricane Harvey Victims

While we all mourn the losses the people of Texas are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there have been moments that inspired us while reminding us of our common humanity and compassion for one another.

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What Kind of Boat Should I Buy?

There are many reasons people buy a boat. Some people do it to make new friends and to join yachting and cruising clubs or fishing tournaments. Other people want a watercraft with which they can race friends. Some folks just

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DIY RV Tips: ‘Tis the Season to Dewinterize Your Boat for Smooth Sailing

It’s warm outside and if you’re a boater, ‘tis the season for sailing yet again. Before you take your vehicle out of winter hibernation, however, you’ll need to make some adjustments to make sure it’s all smooth sailing once you

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Winterize Your Jet Ski for Optimal Performance Come Spring

All recreational vehicles need to be winterized to protect against rust and damage to the engine. Properly winterizing jet skis will ensure that they have a longer life. Many people choose to take their watercraft to a maintenance shop to have it

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