Insurance for Motorhomes : Shop Around for the Best Price

Insurance for motorhomes - campsite for RVIt is easy to shop and compare insurance for motorhomes. Specialty policies exist that are unique to insurance for motorhomes. If you want the best deal, you must spend quality time shopping around for the best price on insurance for motorhomes. Read more ›

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Mice and Other Critters in Your RV: How to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests


Winterizing your RV includes putting a “no vacancy” sign out for all the creatures looking to make a winter getaway inside your rig. Remember that they go seeking shelter well before temperatures drop so you will want to prevent them from getting in as soon as you can. If you suspect that rodents and ants are coming in and out of your RV (i.e. droppings everywhere), chances are you have openings that can easily be sealed with Styrofoam or spray foam insulation. Read more ›

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How to Winterize Your RV


The time to start winterizing your RV is right before temperatures drop below freezing. The easiest way to do it is to visit your trusted RV maintenance shop, but that’ll cost you money. If you want to save a few dollars, you can do it yourself. Really, it’s not that complicated. However, you must make sure to do a very careful job to prevent disasters after temperatures dip below freezing. Read more ›

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What to Do with Your RV and Recreational Toys During a Hurricane


There are many RV owners in the South who are being hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. From Texas all the way up to the coast of Maine, people should be aware of the threats of hurricanes and tropical storms which may affect their trailers, motorhomes, ATVs and all other recreational vehicles. Hurricane safety is very important for RV owners. Read more ›

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How to Choose the Right Generator for Your RV


Most people choose to have portable generators even if they have the most intricate solar panels on their rig. The reality is that even if you plan to use an air conditioner sparingly, you’ll need one. If you plan to go boondocking, you’ll most definitely rely on one at some point. Read more ›

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