The Top 10 Fall RV Destinations in the U.S.


Fall is one of the best seasons to go camping all around the country. The parks are more beautiful than ever this time of year. It’s also the perfect crisp weather for long hikes and sitting around a campfire. If you’re looking to see the most fabulous display of colors in nature, the following parks have some of the most remarkable foliage this time of year. Get your rig ready and enjoy these fall RV destinations! Read more ›

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Women’s RV Clubs: How the RV Industry Is Slowly Changing


Despite most people’s assumptions, there are thousands of women who RV alone or solely with other women. It’s true: There are women in their 20s and those over the age of 80, who drive a big old rig all by themselves. Some of them even travel solo. The statistics tell us that 8.9 million households own an RV, but it’s still unclear how many of these RVers are woman who go it alone. Read more ›

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4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Buy RV Insurance


Owning an RV is a very American thing to do, and it’s not just for older people anymore. Even young hipsters are getting into the trend, more so than ever in the past couple of years. Most people are drawn to the freedom of having a recreational vehicle that can house you as you journey across the country. Some people do it full-time, others a few times a year. Read more ›

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2 Reasons to Buy Specialized Insurance for RV

Insurance for RV - Distant roadIf you own an RV, you know that it is different than the regular automobile on the road. That is why specialized insurance for RV was created so that you’ll be covered for those differences. Read on to understand why you should consider purchasing a specialized policy of insurance for your recreational vehicle. Read more ›

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RV Logs and Journals – What You Need to Know Before You Start Keeping Track


You want to remember as much as you can of amazing times spent with loved ones. You also want to keep records of less emotional but equally important details about the rig that’s making it all possible. To make things easier and more organized, many RVers keep a separate RV log from their RV journals. What’s the difference? Read more ›

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