DIY RV Tips: ‘Tis the Season to Dewinterize Your Boat for Smooth Sailing

It’s warm outside and if you’re a boater, ‘tis the season for sailing yet again. Before you take your vehicle out of winter hibernation, however, you’ll need to make some adjustments to make sure it’s all smooth sailing once you put your expensive toy in the water. Read more ›

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Surviving Wildlife Threats & Attacks When RVing

Even though fewer bears kill humans each year than dogs do, we all seem to have a fear of them whenever we go camping. Some of us are even afraid when we’re in a relatively safe RV — and with good reason. Read more ›

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25 Eye Popping RVs from the Burning Man Festival Over the Years

If you’re a hipster, you’ve not only heard of the Burning Man Festival but you’ve attended the annual event in Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. For the rest of us, an introduction to this celebration is in order, especially those of us who like to see RVs like we’d never imagined them before. Read more ›

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Technology for RV Living: Staying in Touch with the Outside World

Many RVers see each outdoor adventure as an opportunity to go off-grid completely and block out the outside world. These folks aren’t very interested in Internet connection and rely on their phones for emergency situations or they drive to the nearest hotspot they can find when necessary. Other RVers are vacationing with their kids who need entertainment in the evenings and will go through withdrawal symptoms if they can’t occasionally get on Instagram. If you RV full time while holding down a job remotely, chances are that your need for Internet access is a dire one. Read more ›

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RV Tire Blowout: How to Survive a Deadly RV Disaster

You’re driving along when you hear a loud pop! And you guessed right: You just had a tire blowout. Not only can a tire blowout ruin your plans for the day but you have your family in the RV to worry about. Tire blowout season runs from May through early October, according to tire manufacturers. The reason for the abundance of tire disasters during those months is because it’s just plain hot outside and drivers are driving more and farther with their RVs loaded to the hilt. That’s not to say that a blowout can’t happen in the middle of February, however, especially in warmer climates. Read more ›

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